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Signs & Symbols From Beyond

Throughout my journey, spirits, angels, and loved ones have
communicated in many ways but the most common is through
the use of signs & symbols so that I can translate the meaning
of their messages accurately.  






Spirits will often visit loved ones in dreams because our minds and bodies are at rest and more sensitive to communication beyond this dimension.  It is also a way for them to make contact if someone would be fearful of seeing or hearing them after they passed. The most common way to recognize a dream is a visit is the specific details you recall when you wake - many times this includes a message or validation about your life currently or after they passed.  You may also physically feel their touch, such as a hug, that was part of the dream but "felt" real. The interaction during the dream feels very different from our natural dream state.


My Grandmother came to me in 1979 just weeks after she passed away to tell me to look for my photo in her many boxes of photos. She told me my Angel was in this photo. Sure enough when I asked to go through the boxes, I found the photo that indeed had my angel floating above me as a baby in 1957.  I still have this original photo today.


My father, who passed at the young age of 47, often comes to me with messages and guidance for myself and other family members, particularly about health concerns.




Often times loved ones who have crossed over validate their presence through reoccuring symbols such as dragonflies,
butterflies, birds (especially cardinals), coins in odd places,feathers and other items that may have significance to you
or your loved ones.  Once you are aware of the connection,it is an amazing realization of the synchronicity of the universe
and that our souls are in fact eternal. My angels often let me know they are close by by dropping feathers in the most
unlikely of places.


Have you ever suddenly smelled a scent that reminded you of
a loved one that has passed?
 Perhaps it's a perfume or
aftershave they used to wear or flowers such as roses or lily
of the valley.  Cigar or cigarette smoke is another common
validation for loved ones here on earth. These scents appear
seemingly "out of thin air" rather than in a group setting. I often
know my dad is near when I smell cigarette smoke in our family
room when no one in our household smokes.




When Spirit is near and want us to be aware of their presence, they
can and will appear.  You do not have to be a "medium" or intuitive to experience
this (although we are all intuitive).  It requires a great deal of energy by Spirit to
do so and I have had many have share their amazing interactions with me
through the years.  The souls of our loved ones can appear in "body" form at an
age we can identify or one that was their favorite while on earth.  They can also
appear as orbs or light form in photos and real time. Do you ever repeatedly think you see something just out of the corner of your eye, only to turn and not see anything?  Have you ever just felt that there was someone near you or you weren't alone in a room?  Have you ever felt something gently brush your arm or cheek? This could be the spirit of your loved one, Spirit Guide, or Angels. 


In the early 1980's we lived in a house that was along an Native American burial ground.   Shortly after we moved into our new home, I started to see and hear the souls of small children. I would hear the song Ring Around the Rosie and watch them move toys across my daughter's bedroom. There was also an Indian and Cowboy who would appear in my in her room often.  Spirits would rattle the windows and call out names to get our attention. Shortly after my father-in-law's death in 2013, my husband felt someone clasp his hand while sitting in his chair. He has also seen his dad standing on the porch a few times, appearing much younger and in a shirt that was one of his favourites in his earlier years.



Spirits have the ability to announce their presence through tampering with electronic devices. My understanding is because when we cross over, our souls transform into a pure, divine energy source. Not every burnt out bulb or gadget glitch is a message from Spirit.  Sometimes a light bulb burns out because it just needs changed. Consider how you are feeling and what you are thinking when it occurs.  Were you thinking of a loved one who crossed over just before the phone rang to find no one on the other end? Perhaps the lights flickered on and off only on a day that has special meaning to you or your loved one that has passed.  If these experiences are a way of Spirit saying "hello" they will likely occur more than once because our loves ones want to make sure we get the message loud and clear.


One of the most significant experiences I have had was in the late 1990's.  We lived in a home in Iowa that was also on an Indian Mound.  Native American spirits were extremely active in this house and made their presence known by tripping security alarms, locking doors from the inside when we were outdoors, opening the garage door, and appearing in photos. They were determined to get our attention and they sure did.


To enhance your ability to sense, hear, and see your deceased loved ones, Spirit Guide, or Angels, take time to minimize the "chatter" of everyday life. Practice methods of relaxation such as sea salt baths, deep breathing, meditation, yoga, Reiki, spending time outdoors, or repetitive activity such as listeing to music.  All of these activities balance and raise your energy vibration which connect you with dimensions beyond this plane.



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