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Spiritual Counselling Sessions


Each session is a personal connection between us here on earth,
loved ones that have passed, Angels, and Spirit Guides.
It is my honor and privilege to channel these messages as part of
your healing and spiritual path. Communication comes directly from
Spirit, with the assistance of my Spirit Guide and Angels, with me
simply acting the vehicle to deliver your messages.


Sessions begin by setting the intention to receive messages from
those that wish to connect with you at that time.Spiritual messages
are delivered via love and light. There are times when the loved one
you may want to connect with may step back so that others can step
forward. In my experience, the loving messages meant to be delivered
in that time and for a specific purpose are those that are brought forth.  
The more open you are to receiving, the easier it is for the communication
to flow.



Private Session

$75.00 Per Hour 
Private and Intimate One on One Session held at your home or location convenient for you.  
Questions will be discussed and you are welcome to prepare questions prior to your appointment.


Telephone Session
$75.00 Per Hour
Telephone sessions are also available.  Spirit has no boundaries when communicating.  The messages are received whether in person or from a distance. Sessions usually are 1 hour with time at the end for questions. All telephone sessions are to be paid one week in advance.




Group Session
$65.00 Per Participant  

Group session are held at the client's home or location of their choice. Groups are limited to 4-5 people to allow each person a private 30-45 minute session.


Couple & Family Session 

$100.00 Per Hour 

These sessions consist of 2-5 people sharing one session and often booked by couples, family members and friends. Participants do not receive private sessions, but experience it with all that attend.

* All sessions are by Appointment
* Additional fee applies for sessions greater than 50 miles round trip

* You are welcome to take notes and/or record your session 




Cash and credit card payments are accepted. Minimal service fee applies for credit card.
Invoices are provided via email. 

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