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Your Session

Many clients contact me seeking a connection with loved
ones that have crossed over. Others seek counsel to better
understand or validate their spiritual experiences.
They may have visions, detailed dreams that don't feel
like "just" a dream, sense a presence, repeatedly find items
such as coins & feathers in locations that can't be explained,
suddenly locate items that belonged to their loved ones,
hear their voice, and receive unexplained phone calls.

How to Prepare
Before you arrive, it often helps to write down any questions you want to share during your session. I recommend that you bring along a notebook or  a recorder such as the one on your smartphone. Often times, the messages that come through may not resonate until later so having notes or a recording help greatly in realizing validations.  Most importantly, allow yourself to be open emotionally and spiritually to your sacred experience. Sessions are meant to be relaxing and healing.


What to Expect

To help you relax and gain a better understanding before we begin, I will share how communication with spirits and angels occurs for me.  Often, I will begin receiving messages before you arrive and will share notes when we begin. I will encourage you not to share  details with me before your session so that you receive messages channeled by me, from spirits , angels, and loved ones who have crossed over. 


Many clients contact me to share experiences that have occurred after their session. Often, have loved ones visit them in dreams or messages shared during a session are further validated shortly afterward.  I encourage you to keep notes of such experiences and share them with me.

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