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Elemental Space Clearing


Terri is a certified Elemental Space Clearing® Practitioner,
receiving her certification from renowned spiritual teacher, Denise Linn.  
Terri has admired the practices of Denise for many years. Her space clearing programs are recognized as the most in depth and comprehensive in the world. 


Elemental Space Clearing is a unique combination of blessing rituals used for the clearing or revitalization of energy.  This process combines the use of mudras or body movements, herbs such as sage, essential oils,flowers, sound such as drums , chimes , bells or crystal bowls, sea salt, feathers and other organic materials that have been used for centuries by Shamans . This process has been completed in various forms all throughout history and has evolved through out time.


After a space is cleared, people report that they feel healthier, stronger, clearer, more focused and more at peace. (Places that have stagnant energy often make a person feel sluggish, confused, muddled, irritable, worried, stressed or frenetic. Once the space is cleared almost everyone reports feeling much better.


When is Space Clearing Needed?

Space clearing can be performed anytime one feels the need to uplift the energy in your home or office.  In many tradition it is customary to perform a blessing or clearing on the land where a new home or business is being built, the new structure or dwelling once completed,before moving into a new home - uplifting the energy that may be left from the previous owners or tenants, before moving into a new business location , after any type of illness, suffering, negative or unhappy energy such as energy that is left from arguments or unpleasant visitors. Often times one can feel the heavy or negative energy and not sure how to change or eliminate it.


Elemental Space Clearing is beneficial for any life change or beginning:

Family additions

New relationship or marriage

Moving into new home
Selling a home
After illness
New job

Loss of loved one
Relase of spirits



Tools that are commonly used during a Space Clearing session include: 

Salts, herbs such as sage, candles & fire, sound such as drums, chimes or singing bowls, essential oils flower  and body movements called Mudras that are specifically determined for each client based on the need or intention for the Space Clearing.



What to Expect with Elemental Space Clearing


[Step 1]

A consultation in person, via telephone  or SKYPE to discuss and determine the intention or desires from the Clearing, review location and floor plan and answer any remaining questions.  Determine the best date and time . During this consult, we will review the steps taken for tools that will be used such as essential oils, the clearing and time needed.   


[Step 2]

Actual Day of the clearing starts with the prep of the Altar , tools, flowers and energy cleansing of the client. Together we review the intentions, location, and answer any questions prior to the actual Blessing.


Distance Space Clearing


When an in person consultation and Clearing is not possible due to location,

a distance clearing is available and just as effective. In this case there is a initial consultation to discuss the intentions and review the process,  the floor plan and have the client hand draw a floor plan ahead of the designated clearing date. A date is determined and the Clearing is performed just as though it is done in person.

New Project or Habit

Clearing previously owned objects
New arrangement of space

Release negative habits
After arguments
Preparing for a life change
lear astral energies
Create clarity in life


Cash and credit card l payments are accepted. Minimal service fee applies for credit card  and invoices are provided via email. 

Elemental Space Clearing®
$ 150.00 (space up to 2500 sq ft)
$ 200.00 and up for over 2500 sq ft
The ceremony is performed using the sacred methods of the Elemental Space Clearing®. A specially designed space clearing alter is prepared, using symbolic presentation of the focus of the ceremony.  
Pricing above is for onsite and distance clearing sessions.



Initial Consultation 
$ 75.00  
Initial assessment (approx. 1 hour)  is required prior to  space clearing to set intentions upcoming space clearing session. What needs to be done in preparation is also clarified.
During the assessment, there will be intuitive readings of the energy of your home or building.   Each consultation is customized according to the specific requirements of the property, your desires and struggles.


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