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From as early back as a small child, Terri has been seeing and communicating with both spirits and angels. This early start began what continues to be an amazing Spiritual journey and the validated realization that there are no coincidences in life.  

From her first encounter with a human spirit who had crossed, there was an awareness that there is more out there than we can see with the naked eye. Souls are pure energy and this energy does not get extinguished when the physical body dies.  It lives on, carrying the life lessons with it, and the everlasting energy of that soul is what seeks contact with loved ones. The Spiritual journey is one of the realization that all emulates love and light. It is with this purpose that Terri's desire is to assist others on their own journey of Spiritual growth and awareness.


 In 1992, Terri was certified as a Reiki Master, to expand the ways in which she could not only work with Spirit but bring both emotional and physical healing to others. 


Terri works primarily with the guidance of angels to counsel those seeking Spiritual enlightenment, peace, elevated understanding of other dimensions and a desire to connect with loved ones that have crossed over.  


Her spiritual journey has been transforming not just from her own experiences, but the blessing to lead others to peace, understanding, and clarity on Angel's wings...





The souls

of our

loved ones

never leave us.


Spiritual Coach | Reiki Master

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